Monday, March 18, 2013

New ASL Branch Created In Mesa Arizona

Last Sunday, on March 17th, 2013, exciting changes occurred for Deaf and Hard of Hearing members of the LDS Church in Arizona. Due to the growth of Deaf members of the LDS Church, the Phoenix 34th Branch grew so big that it had to be divided which created a new Deaf branch in Mesa, Arizona.
The Phoenix 34th Branch will now be known as the Phoenix Branch.  The new branch will be called the Mesa, Arizona branch. They will also be known informally as the ASL Phoenix Branch and the ASL Mesa Arizona Branch. The LDS Church no longer calls these congregations "Deaf" wards or branches and prefer to call them ASL wards and branches because people who know ASL or are CODAs can also be members of that congregation. 
See below for more details about this exciting news for Deaf members of the LDS Church: 


Beth said...

Where does the new ASL Branch meet?? It does not say on the Church Website and it wasn't mentioned in your blog post either...

Timothy Lewis said...

940 East Southern Avenue
MESA, ARIZONA 85204-5008