Tuesday, April 27, 2010

2010 Elections: Predicting Which LDS Politician Stays Or Leaves Office

Here are the following predictions about the current LDS politicians who are running in the 2010 Elections.

1. Senator Bob Bennett
 I predict LDS Senator Bob Bennett will not win despite winning an endorsement from Mitt Romney. Many people feel that his voting record reveals that he is not conservative enough. A recent poll was conducted which put him in third place behind two contenders who are seeking his seat: 
A new Salt Lake Tribune poll of Republican delegates shows Bennett running in third, behind GOP challengers Mike Lee and Tim Bridgewater. Lee logged 37 percent support in the survey, while Bridgewater came in at 20 percent, and Bennett lagged at 16 percent.
2. Senator Harry Reid
This prediction isn't too hard to make either since I've already discussed Harry's low poll numbers. The Senate Majority Leader will not be returning back to Washington D.C. He's trailing badly behind Sue Lowden.
3. Senator Mike Crapo
Republican Senator Mike Crapo will win the 2010 election since he is doing very well in the polls despite the fact that he is facing Democrat and Republican challengers to his Senate seat. I can't find any poll numbers to back up my claim but I'm fairly confident in my prediction.
4.  Jim Matheson
Senator Jim Matheson is being challenged by a fellow democrat named Claudia Wright and is also facing three Republican, two independent and one Constitution Party challenger to the Senate seat. I predict that Jim Matheson will be reelected. Again, I have no poll numbers to support that prediction but I'm feeling pretty good about it.
If you know any other LDS politician who is up for election, please let me know and I'll add it to my list of predictions for 2010.

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