Sunday, September 30, 2012

LDS Church Unveils New Tech Savvy Pass Along Cards

Recently, I got the Ensign in the mail and I was surprised to find out that the LDS Church has new pass along cards that missionaries and members can use. The LDS Church is integrating technology known as QR Codes into the pass along cards so that people who receive them can scan them with their smart phone and be taken to an official Church website in which people can learn about specific topics about the Mormon Church. 
The LDS Church provided a supplement to the October 2012 issue of the Ensign or English Liahona that contained a page inviting members to join, the new pass along cards, and a page explaining how the new pass along cards work:
The Mormon Church did a trial balloon of pass along cards in 1999 and unveiled it to the entire Church in 2000. It did not contain QR codes or invite people to a social media website. The old pass along cards invited people to receive a free copy of the Book of Mormon, Bible or video by contacting the Church via phone or a website.  With the new pass along cards, its giant leap forward in how the LDS Church shares the gospel. The LDS Church saw how successful and easy it was for missionaries to share a simple message about the Church. With social media sites and technology, its makes it even more easier for us to share the gospel with others. 
I expect that these new pass along cards will be the subject of at least one or more General Conference talks. The Brethren have been been encouraging us to share the gospel online using social media such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, Pinterest and other websites for a few years now. Although these speeches haven't been given yet, I hope we will be open to what they have to say with regards to how we can best share the gospel with others.
The LDS Church is becoming very bold and creative in terms of marketing, advertising and message sharing. A great example of how confident the Church is sharing the gospel is when it placed advertisements inside the Playbill of the theatrical play, The Book of Mormon Musical. See below: 
Personally, I love what the LDS Church is doing in promoting the gospel. They are being bold, brave and tech savvy. It also provides an example of how we, as members of the Church, should go about in sharing the gospel with others.

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