Monday, August 13, 2012

Joanna Brooks On The Daily Show

Jon Stewart gives a great interview with Joanna Brooks who is the author of the "The Book of Mormon Girl" who talks about what it is like to be a girl growing up in the Mormon faith and becoming a liberal Mormon. Watch the awesome interview below: 

Having grown up in Southern California and going to BYU, I totally understand the world she is comes from. Like her I graduated from BYU but didn't leave as a liberal/progressive. However, I appreciate that she is willing to share her subjective and personal experience about her faith from a unique perspective. Although I haven't read her book yet, I plan on picking it up soon.


Anonymous said...

A great place to start reading:

J said...

I'm not sure how I feel about

I have been to the website a few times and I'm still trying to figure out if its a LDS friendly site or not. Its an intriguing site.

However, I'll let other people make that decision for themselves.