Friday, December 30, 2011

Mitt Romney: I Pray Everyday

Mitt Romney has been increasingly more open about his faith as the 2012 election goes on. Recently, he sat down with the Huffington Post and talked about his spiritual routine as a Mormon: 
The Huffington Post asked Romney in an interview Thursday what kind of daily routine he conducts to keep himself spiritually grounded, a topic past presidents and presidential candidates have discussed at length. George W. Bush, for example, often spoke about how he would try to read the Bible daily and pray.
Romney said he does something similar with the Mormon scriptures, which include the Bible, the Book of Mormon, and two other "canonized" books that are also referred to as "standard works."
Romney paused for a moment before describing his routine.
"Let's see, how would I describe this? Let's see," he said. "I read scripture regularly, and seek the counsel of my creator on a daily basis."
"I pray every day. I don't read scriptures every day, probably should," he added.
Ann Romney, who sat on the couch in the Romney campaign bus next to her husband fiddling with an iPad, held up the device, prompting an exclamation from Mitt.
"There we go, just did. I got them on my iPad," he said. "I should probably read scriptures every day, but I read them frequently, but not every day."
"Sometimes I read to him. If we're on the phone, I will read him chapters," Ann Romney said with a smile.
"But I go to church every Sunday," Romney said brightly.
I appreciate Mitt Romney talking about his daily spiritual routine, especially to the press, since he is like most Americans who pray daily and struggle to read their scriptures daily.  The daily practice of being LDS isn't any different from most Americans who try to lead a religious life in a busy and hectic world. Its inspiring to know that even Mitt Romney struggles with balancing work, family and religion just like everyone else. 


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