Thursday, April 21, 2011

How To Get That Cute Mormon Boy To Ask You Out On A Date

During April 2011 General Conference, a few of the General Authorities have admonished the men of the Church to get out and date the women of the Church.  
While some men have no problems asking a girl for a date, there are others who have hard time asking a girl out on a date. However, a witty LDS blogger has suggested that there is a clever way for girls to nudge that cute LDS boy into asking you out on a date:
Walk up to the guy and ask:

“Do you have a piece of paper?”

If he has one, he’ll give it to you. Then ask:

“Do you have a pen?”

If he has one, he’ll hand it to you. Then ask:

"What's your number?"

This will catch him off guard, but he’ll give it to you. Then ask:

“What time are you picking me up on Saturday?”

To which he will reply:


Works like a charm. You can then give him your number, and have a lovely conversation about your plans for Saturday.
As a Mormon guy, I love this approach. It is, with out a doubt, a very cunning and awesomely clever way of getting a date.

And guys, this isn't just for the ladies. You can use it to land a date too.


Leftysrule said...

This is clever, but this is kind of the girl asking the guy out. It's kind of a deceiving title. Haha. :) Seriously, both genders need to get rid of the fear. There are billions of people ready to date, people need to just give up their fear and try. What's the worst that can happen? Someone tells you no? If so, ask someone else. There isn't just one person for you to ask out! :)

Anonymous said...

That is SO AWESOME!!!!!! I seriously need to try that!!!!! My berry best friend is crushing on this very cute mormon boy, but he wont take the bait!! We don't know what his problem is! We have tried a lot of things, but maybe the best approach is.... "Hey! You! guess what? you have landed a very cute girls number, and she is the Bishops daughter, so shes golden. Please go out with her!!! (PLUS she needs to get out more :))