Friday, October 15, 2010

Harry Reid Debates Sharron Angle And Loses

The consensus on the debate between Harry Reid and Sharron Angle is that Harry Reid lost the debate. The best line from the debate comes from Sharron Angle as seen in the video above. She tells Mr. Reid to "Man up!" which seems to be an effective and catchy phrase female politicians are using these days. 
Even in the after the debate, Harry Reid continues to perform poorly. One of the issues that Angle and Reid clashed on was Harry Reid's statement about the U.S. losing the war in Iraq. Harry is claiming that Sharon Angle is lying about what the Mormon senator said  about the United States losing the War in Iraq. Unfortunately for Harry, YouTube refudiates the Mormon Senator's claim since it clearly shows that he said the War in Iraq is lost.
My prediction is that Harry Reid will be dethroned in the Nevada elections. He doesn't have much time to save himself since early voting starts tomorrow.  
Good luck, Harry!!

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