Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A New Prop 8 Documentary & The Creative Deception It Tells About the LDS Church

There is a documentary that is being released soon to theaters nation wide called 8: The Mormon Proposition and just the trailer itself already is full of inaccuracies and deceptive editing to misinform the public about the LDS Church's role in proposition 8.
Based on the trailer alone, I can tell that this documentary is going to be about as honest as a Michael Moore film in that it employs the same deceptive editing techniques to imply a fact that isn't true. One of the easiest falsehood to catch in the trailer was the way they included clips of anti-gay protestors from other religious faiths to give the impression that they're people from the LDS Church.
I was tipped off immediately that this wasn't going to be an honest film, despite the fact that the  when I saw a well known anti-gay protester in the trailer. His name is Reuben Israel and is listed in the film's credits.

He's easy to reconize in the trailer as the big, fat bearded man in dark sunglasses screaming into the bullhorn "shame on the homosexual community!" His method of spreading his "Christian" message his by protesting and has done so in a variety of different places, including at an anti-war rally.
This isn't the only documentary that Reuben Israel has been in. He was also in another documentary called Article VI: Faith, Politics, America and can be briefly seen protesting against the LDS Church in that film's trailer. In the film itself, he openly discusses his feelings against the LDS Church.
Reuben Israel isn't a Mormon and would never be a Mormon.
He is a well known anti-Mormon who has frequently protested against the LDS Church and has even been filmed dragging the Book of Mormon on the ground. He is the California State Director for The Street Preachers' Fellowship, an organization that actively protests against the Mormon faith.
If the film is already being deceptive in the way it edits the trailer by using a well known anti-Mormon protester to give the impression that he's a Mormon protesting against gays, then I have no confidence that the rest of the film will be in any way as honest either.
This is a film that is going to make Michael Moore proud.

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